Mike Riedmann

President Emeritus – NP Dodge Real Estate

Mike grew up in Omaha, graduated from Archibishop Ryan High School and has been a licensed Realtor since graduating from Wayne State College. After a successful sales associate career, Mike was named the Sales Manager of the NP Dodge Company's Dodge Street office in 1990. In 1993, Mike was promoted to President of NP Dodge Residential Sales Division. Mike and his wife, Cokie, have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

  • President Emeritus of NP Dodge Residential Sales Division
  • President of NP Dodge Residential Sales Division
  • President, Omaha Board of Realtors, 1997
  • President, Nebraska Realtors Association, 2002
  • President, Metropolitan Omaha Builders Association, 2005
  • OABR Realtor of the Year 2006
  • Nebraska Realtor of the Year 2007
  • Former Director, Certified Residential Broker Council
  • Former Director, National Association of Realtors
  • Director, Nebraska Realtors Association
  • Trustee, Realtor's Political Action Committee
  • Member of the Mayor's Fair Housing Advisory Board
  • Member of Omaha by Design Board of Directors
  • Chairman, Omaha Municipal Land Bank Board
  • Trustee, Wayne State College Foundation
  • Director, Nebraska & Southwest Iowa Region American Red Cross

Contact:  402.680.5008        mriedmann@npdodge.com        Licensed in Nebraska and Iowa